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15 Signs that your social media needs a cleanse

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 23, 2017 3:54:11 PM / by Jason Tapolci posted in mobile first, startups, startup solutions, phone system, mobile phone system, Insider, VOIP, small business, virtual phone system

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1. You’re uninspired.

2. Your to-do list never gets done

3. You haven’t hung out with offline friends in a month.

5. You mindlessly navigate to social media during downtime.

6. You’re stressed by big deadlines.

7. You’ve started to think in Facebook posts.

8. You’re having problems with impulse control.

9. You’re indecisive.

10. You haven’t read a good book in a while.

11. You’re falling behind on fitness goals.

12. You believe you need social media to be OK.

13. You’ve stopped doing your favorite things.

14. You worry you haven’t grown as a person.

15. You don’t get time away from your computer.

4. You’re so distracted you forgot to add №4 in its cozy and rightful place between №3 and №5.

For the full story visit, https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/285963.

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Happy Holidays, The Story Behind Vocaly…

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 23, 2017 3:51:33 PM / by Jason Tapolci posted in mobile first, startups, startup solutions, phone system, mobile phone system, VOIP, small business, virtual phone system

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Vocaly is preparing to launch their services in early January 2017. They wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2016 and to wish you and your families a very Happy Holiday Season.

2016 was a unique year for all three Vocaly owners. During 2016, each owner were in search of their next business adventure. Dave Walsh and Jason Tapolciaccidentally crossed paths through Linkedin and re-kindled a long lost relationship. It was during this time they discovered they each were looking for their next business venture.

Dave suggested to Jason that they look into the virtual mobile phone industry. Liking the idea, they agreed to pursue this opportunity together. Soon after this decision, they approached Evin Hunt, an experienced telecom CTO to join them in their journey. Liking the idea, the market and the huge opportunity, Evin accepted their offer.

This lead to the team’s first critical decision, should they build their own solution or partner with an existing solution. Dave and Evin had the answer, partnered with Better Voice, an established company in the industry and improve on their technology. The Vocaly team approached the Better Voice ownership group and a relationship was born. The Better Voice leadership team made up of Rich Grange, Lyle Pratt and Jon Pratt agreed to a strategic alliance.

Within a few short months, Vocaly was able to go from an idea, to a strategic plan and into the development phase. These three experienced entrepreneurs were turning their idea into a reality.

Vocaly was created as a mobile first business communications platform to address the following industry gaps:

Forced in the box

They noticed most providers were having their customers adopt their business models, instead of fitting their businesses into the customer’s needs. It was important to the Vocaly ownership that they put the customer's business first, not theirs.

It’s not a seat

They noticed most providers were living in the world of desk phones and physical phone systems, instead of leveraging the mobile phones and their mobility. There are hundreds of virtual PBX solution in the market but very few that developed their strategy around putting mobile phones first

You’re not being heard

They noticed providers were not paying attention to specific business niches and the mobile business community, instead casting a wide net over all businesses. It was this industry gap that lead them to hyper focused on the home, small and mobile workforces. More specifically certain business niches:

  • Outdoor services (landscaper, lawn care, tree arborist, etc.)
  • Cosmetology services (home hair stylist, manicurist, massage therapists, etc.)
  • Professional business services (attorney, bookkeeper, financial planner, tax preparation, etc.)
  • Home health care (non-medical home care, medical home care, social services, etc.)
  • Real estate agencies
  • Home services (handyman, painters, HVAC, child care, etc.)

It was time to decide where they wanted to sell their services. North America was an obvious choice but there was another market, Latin America. Latin America is virtually an untapped market, having enormous potential and a large group of people using their mobile phones as their primary communication means.

They are very excited to launch in early January and are looking forward to providing a progressive business phone app. This unique phone app will solve the problem for many business owners who use their personal mobile phones to run their businesses . They also are asking for your support and to join them in their journey.

Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad from the Vocaly Team!

Dave Walsh — Co_Founder & Managing Director
Jason Tapolci — Co-Founder & Managing Director
Evin Hunt — Co-Founder & CTO
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