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Streamlined Business Communication Is The Key To Closing More Sales

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 14, 2017 12:32:26 PM / by Kelly Werner

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As an agency founder or small business owner, it can be overwhelming each day to tackle your to-do list, keep your employees on-track, and most importantly, close more deals. Not only do you have to streamline your internal communications, but also your external communications with potential buyers and previous customers.

"Sales cures all." - Mark Cuban

Want a better way to check off everything on your to-do list and also leverage your potential customers to close more sale? At Vocaly, we have the technology and the guidance to help you bring your organization into the future and work smarter.



We get it: you need to free up your time. A good way to do this is to sit down and consider all your daily routine tasks. Start with large, "big idea" things and break them down into projects. From there, you can subsequently break down your projects into tasks.

With a core understanding of your repetitive and routine maintenance tasks, you can begin outsourcing some of them to a dedicated virtual assistant resource.

For example, some of our Vocaly users have used our VA feature to automatically route calls and setup text message responses to some of the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps for a real estate agency, this means having a phone feature that gives a caller details of new listings, specific listings in a region, or an agent's contact info for a specific property.



Your employees need to cross-share information regularly, including phone call records and voicemails. We recommend finding a system that can store voicemails in the cloud and record calls for you. Not only does this save time between employees, but it also allows you to access crucial details that you might have forgotten.

The Vocaly platform takes it one step further, and allows you log call information directly into a CRM of your choice. Now your employees all have instant, mobile access to the critical information they need to close sales. In addition, you now have a formal record of the sequence of interaction with a client, from prospect to customer.


When you have lots of moving parts within your business, it is essential to create a communication plan. When are employees expected to share feedback? What sort of information should always be discussed at team meetings? How long should the response time be to a client call?

Answering these questions and then delivering them to your team will clarify future discrepancies, and give employees confidence in fullfilling their jobs. Modern organizations understand the increasing trend in mobile usage, and that staying ahead of the curve means being ready with responsive communication at any time.


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Kelly Werner

Written by Kelly Werner

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