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Startup Success: Mobile First Communications

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Kelly Werner


Startups in particular are under a lot of business pressure. There’s the pressure to find the proper product-market fit, the pressure to make returns for investors, and the pressure to satisfy internal employees.

It can be overwhelming, but thankfully, we have mobility and flexibility to help ease the workload.

In a mobile first startup, founders and leadership are taking into account the entrance of digital in their market, and how they can best create a product to fit the needs of their customers. As we know, mobile growth and the amount of mobile devices used in the next four years will grow extremely fast, with predictions pointing to two phone lines per business person in the future.


Mobile first is traditionally thought of as a development concept where product managers and programmers consider the mobile experience of an app or website prior to the desktop experience.

This trend, however, applies to the way we do business as well. Customers and clients are increasingly reliant on mobile devices, and expect quick responses and multiple channels for communication, like social media.

In order to truly excel at creating a mobile first culture within your startup, you need to consider both the customer experience with your business via mobile channels, and also create a bottom-up support of the mobile first initiative.

Things like training your team on the importance of mobile customer interaction, automating responses to your business phone lines, and opening up every possible channel for customer interaction within your overall business strategy.


At Vocaly, we understand the startup need to remain agile and lean, while simultaneously creating internal processes for success. It’s more important than ever that startup founders and leadership have access to the right tools.

This includes things like customer success software for automated responses, the help of a virtual assistant, or a professional mobile phone system that routes calls and provides automated responses so your internal team can focus on bigger tasks.

For more information on how to create mobile first communication within your startup, check out our free eBook resource available today.

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Kelly Werner

Written by Kelly Werner

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