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Manage Your Properties With the Right Phone System

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 9, 2017 9:01:00 AM / by Kelly Werner

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If you’re a landlord or manage multiple properties as a real estate agent, you know how it feels

to have many people calling with questions everyday. It’s important to save time for yourself by

automating responses when you can, using a system that is as mobile as you are, easy setup,

and cost effectiveness.

What are some features you should look for in a modern phone system?


Not only does a business local number or a toll free number add some professional cred to

your company, it’s also a more secure option for yourself. Your number will most likely be

floating around on marketing materials, your website, or even passed along word-of-mouth.

You can add numbers for new agents at any time, and route calls to specific numbers based on

your needs.


If you’re managing lots of properties or tenants, most likely you need a quick solution that

doesn’t require much setup. At Vocaly,we pride ourselves on being easy to use, yet still

loaded with features to give you the service you require.

Additional lines can be added quickly and for a great price. Our virtual assistant that can route

calls, send automated text message responses, or record calls and voicemails that sync into

your CRM is easy to setup.


Tenants or interested buyers may have questions that are often repetitive and can be

answered without necessarily hopping on a phone call each time.

Save time by routing calls and automating responses to frequently asked property information,

such as rent payment information, requests for repairs, or other information that is often

requested. Our VA will respond with automated texts to give callers the information they need

upon request.

If your organization has grown, it might be important to route calls directly to specific

departments such as billing.


Make sure your business phone system is as mobile as you are. Increasingly we are relying on

mobile communications to complete our workload each day. Property managers must be

on-call available to visit properties when necessary, and thus need the right tools to take their

office along with them.

In our eBook, we show you how you can make mobile first a business priority, as well as how a

mobile phone system is the best choice for your organization.

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Kelly Werner

Written by Kelly Werner

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